Mästarens Akademiska Uppsatser

Topic Source
1. Chinese Buddhism through the Stages: A Cursory Examination UGBJ Vol.I
2.From the Four Noble Truths to the Four Great Vows UGBJ Vol.II
3.On Buddhist Democracy, Freedom and Equality UGBJ Vol.III
4.The Six Paramitas: It's Benefit for the Self and Others UGBJ Vol.IV
5.Humanistic Buddhism-A Blueprint for Life (I)(II) UGBJ Vol.V,VI
6.The Buddhist Perspective on Compassion UGBJ Vol.VII
7.A Comment on the Law for Religion UGBJ Vol.VII
8.The Direction We Should Strive Towards in the Future UGBJ Vol.VIII
9.The Development of Bhiksuni Community UGBJ Vol.IX
10.To Resolve and To Develop UGBJ Vol.X
11.A Historical Perspective and Prospects of Buddhist- Found Educational Institute  UGBJ Vol.XI
12.Affliation of Buddhism with Flowers UGBJ Vol.XII
13.Buddhism and Natural Habitation (I)(II) UGBJ Vol.XIII,XIV
14. The Linguistic Norms in Buddhist Monastery UGBJ Vol.XV
Note:UGBJ stands for Universal Gate Buddhist Journal


blueprint vows compassion flowers
Humanistic Buddhism: A Blueprint for Life From the Four Noble Truths to the Four Great Vows The Buddhist Perspective on Compassion The Affiliation of Buddhism with Flowers

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